New York City's Most Unique Jazz School

NY Ensemble Classes

Play Jazz!

There is so much more to jazz than just knowing how to play your own instrument. Join NY Ensemble Classes and find out why your favorite artists sound so good!

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Unique Class System

Our classes are taught by two instructors specialized in different instruments. Each ensemble is assigned to multiple teachers scheduled on rotation. This unique course design provides an enhanced and deeper learning experience. Join one ensemble and learn from many accomplished musicians!

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Meet our Students

We offer courses for all ability levels and welcome all instruments. Find out who are NY Ensemble Classes' students and learn about the network of peers available to them.

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Customized Curriculum

Our classes are designed around our students. We pay special attention to grouping students of similar proficiency levels and interests, then we develop a course curriculum specific for them. When you study with NY Ensemble Classes your instructors are REALLY listening to you!

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