Drawing Parallels Between Conceptual Art and Free Jazz

Why People Hate Jazz: The Loss of Objectivity

Drawing Parallels Between Conceptual Art and Free Jazz I stumbled across this video today and couldn’t help but draw parallels between conceptual art and free jazz. As a music student I loved free jazz and the avant garde, the more “out” the more I enjoyed it. As I developed my craft, learned the history of […]

Building Better Bass Lines

Building Better Bass Lines

The role of the bass in the jazz ensemble is to provide harmony.  We do this through our choices of root notes and motion between chords. As a melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic instrument there are a lot of ways we can direct the ensemble and comp (accompany/compliment) for the soloist. Here are some exercises I […]

The Trifecta - Enhance your practice routine - Preview

The Trifecta – Enhance Your Practice Routine

There are so many obstacles we confront as students of music. In jazz it’s expected to have a deep understanding of harmony, be able to play all tempos, be fluent in various styles, have a large repertoire, etc. With so much to learn, practice, and incorporate into our playing it’s typical for students to feel […]

5 things I wish I was told in music school

5 Things I Wish I Was Told in Music School

Moving to New York to become a professional musician was always a dream for me as a kid. I did everything I could to soak up the knowledge that I thought I needed if I was ever going to “make it” which included studying at the Berklee College of Music, The University of Miami, and […]