Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz.Herbie Hancock

More Information For Perspective Students


1. I see that none of the instructors at NY Ensemble Classes plays my instrument. Is this a problem?
2. How much do ensemble classes cost? How long is one lesson?
3. How long should I take these classes?
4. How often do you hold your classes?
5. Will there be a recital?
6. Is there a placement audition?
7. I want to apply to Jazz Ensembles. What tunes are we going to play?
8. Are the instructors at NY Ensemble Classes available for private lessons?
9. I don’t feel confident that I can be handed a lead sheet and play the music right away. Does that mean that I am not ready to take the jazz ensembles?
10. Why will there be two instructors teaching every Ensemble Class?
11. I can’t wait to get started, or I just have some more questions, how can I reach you?