Jazz Brushes Technique: Lateral Strokes (part two)

Jazz Brushes Technique: Lateral Strokes (part two)

  Applications of Long and Short Strokes with Jazz Brushes In the first installment of this two-part post on jazz brushes I explained how to produce long and short strokes with lateral motions, and I promised that today I would introduce ways to use this technique musically and creatively. Here I am to keep my word and share with […]

Voice-Leading and comping in 4ths

Voice-leading and Comping in 4ths

A More Modern Approach to Comping Hi there, this is a simple but super effective way of organizing voicings to get access to quick, solid voice-leading and to achieve a more modern approach to comping. This ‘sound’ has been popularized by Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea, among many others, and has […]

Jazz Brushes Technique: Lateral Strokes

Jazz Brushes Technique: Lateral Strokes (part one)

  Becoming Familiar with Lateral Short and Long Strokes with Jazz Brushes Back in September I wrote a post titled An Introduction to Brushes, where I examined how to produce long legato sounds using circular motions, an essential part of jazz brushes technique. In this post I will describe another important area of brush playing: staccato sounds. The […]

Jazz Guitar Voicings You Didn't Know You Knew

Jazz Guitar Voicings You Didn’t Know You Knew

Hey peeps, I’m coming to you through this first post to talk a little bit about one of the most important things in group playing: providing accompaniment, or “comping”, in particular, voicings. In a jazz playing context, if you’re a harmonic instrument (guitar, piano etc) you’ll find yourself more often than not taking up the […]

Developing a personal sound on saxophone

Developing a Personal Sound on Saxophone

(Original saxophone picture courtesy of Elisabeth D’Orcy) One of the most common refrains we hear regarding jazz is that the most important thing is to have your own sound. This is pretty much considered the holy grail of jazz playing. With it come the keys to the kingdom. Without it we are condemned to craftman-ship […]

What a Japanese Pasta Chef Taught Me About Jazz

What a Japanese Pasta Chef Taught Me About Jazz

Lessons Learned Playing Bass On Tour in Japan Growing up in Jersey (cue the Sopranos theme) and living in NYC, I’ve had my fair share of great pasta cooked by Italians. You could imagine how surprised I was, when the best cooked pasta dish I had ever eaten, was prepared by a Japanese chef in Chōshi, […]

An Introduction to Brushes

An Introduction to Brushes

I love brushes. Brushes are more than a tool with which one plays the drums; they are an instrument in their own right. Brushes are used in different music styles, but their most extended applications are found in jazz. Most people outside the world of jazz identify brushes with ballads and mellow or folksy tunes, […]

The Trifecta - Enhance your practice routine - Preview

The Trifecta – Enhance Your Practice Routine

There are so many obstacles we confront as students of music. In jazz it’s expected to have a deep understanding of harmony, be able to play all tempos, be fluent in various styles, have a large repertoire, etc. With so much to learn, practice, and incorporate into our playing it’s typical for students to feel […]

Analyzing the poll for musicians

A Poll For Musicians, Interpreting The Results

Back in February we posted a poll on social media, asking musicians from all over the world to indicate what played the strongest role in their musical growth. The four options were: Participating in jam sessions Going to see live music Getting advice from advanced musicians Playing with better musicians The poll was not meant […]